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    Apr 3 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    qqViksrivenriven op champ xD

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      qqViksriven@KyuremHD thank u :)

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      HeimersCornerhello, i have a league of legends community plays highlight channel where some of the best plays are being featured, so i wanted to ask if it is okay to feature it on the upcoming video, i always show your plays tv Username on video, and leave the link in the description for credit. if you can whisper me on twitch my name is "heimerscorner" ,thanks so so much :) here is the youtube channel if you wana check it out, its farely new but i hope it will grow in the future :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmITxbCxogVSEUMWtXaqLOA?

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      qqViksrivensure np

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