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    Aug 11 in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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    Dillo03k Lesion Roaming mit Mario

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      Dillo0@Orangeman why you have to be mad. Its only a game

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      GuillaumeGamologyHello @Dillo0 what's up? :) Guillaume from Gamology here!(5 million fans on Facebook) I would like to use your videos on our social media channels: Facebook, Facebook Watch: Pixel Heroes, YouTube: Gamology, Snapchat: Gamology, TikTok: Gamology. We will credit you accordingly and link your original video in the comments if you agree. Have a nice day!

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      Dillo0@GuillaumeGamology Hello Guillaume, I am happy to hear that you enjoy my videos. You can use it if you want. Have a nice day. :D

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